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I am currently building the number one online resource for English and maths play based learning!  I am passionate about playful learning experiences and want to ensure that all children have access to fun and engaging lessons, no matter their age.  

My ready to use, and easy to set up, range of English and Maths printable games are available to download for all Playful Learning Games members.

Just because you get older, doesn’t mean you should stop playing!  My games are designed to be used by Key Stage Two children to keep learning fun and exciting!  

I have a range of English and maths game ideas and activities that you can set up easily using resources you have readily available.  

‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.’

George Bernard Shaw

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My Top 5 Tips to Make Reading Fun!

OK, this is a big one for parents and teachers and one that doesn’t always happen overnight! Some children love getting lost in a book, being given 10 minutes to sit quietly and read and some absolutely dread it! There are also children that love books and reading but are reluctant to read their school […]

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Snowball Tables

Throw the multiple snowballs into the correct pots.  Simply choose which times table you are going to work on and download and print the relevant cards out to start playing:

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Multiple Twister

Who can be the last player standing in this exciting game of multiple twister? Simply choose which times table you’re practising, click and print!  

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